Over the past weeks I’ve been hearing rumors about a potential buyout of RIM from either Microsoft (+ Nokia) or Samsung. The latter even made the stocks of the Canadian company jump 10%, that’s till Samsung took the stage and said that they never have and never will intend to buy RIM. So, I guess that Microsoft is the only one left…


Previously I’ve heard that head officials of RIM are meeting with other companies’ representatives to discuss offers for their future buyout. Experts say that Nokia and Microsoft could partner and try to buy RIM, that would basically become the business area of Nokia, if you ask me. MS already has Windows Phone Tango planned, that will bring support for BlackBerry-like devices, with front QWERTY keyboards and lower resolutions. It would be a pity to waste this potential on Nokia E Series wannabes…

BGR reports that this RIM co-chief Jim Balsillie met with companies that either want to buy the BlackBerry maker or license its software. The second option sounds harmless and BlackBerry 10 OS actually has some interesting aspects and features to borrow from.

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