Samsung Galaxy Nexus is one of the most talked about handsets lately, mostly because it’s the first Android 4.0 smartphone and among the first handsets with a 720p display. Well, now that the buzz concerning its debut is gone, we’re starting to gather up speculations about its launch date in stores.


Verizon is supposedly targeting Black Friday or the week after for the device’s debut, if our sources are correct. The much anticipated Android Ice Cream Sandwich pioneer will come just in time for the holiday season, so it’s poised to have a great run, especially with a decent $200 or $300 price tag on 2 year contract.

The thing is that the DRODI RAZR and HTC Rezound will also come around that time, although through Verizon, so the choice will be extremely tough to make over the following weeks. The appeal here is the new operating system, plus the beautiful design, the huge HD display and the powerful CPU inside. The downside is the camera… and that’s about it. Maybe the 4.65 inch diagonal will scare you a bit, if you’re used to the 3.5 inch iPhone.

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