A bunch of strange, strange rumors about the next gen Samsung phablets have surfaced today. It would appear that the Galaxy Note 6 launch won’t be limited to the US initially, like it happened last year, but the Galaxy S7 Edge+ will have a few limitations of its own.


Well, this year’s strategy sees the Galaxy Note 6 coming to the UK from the start, while the Galaxy S7 Edge+ will never get launched in Great Britain. We’re guessing the same approach applies to the whole European continent and the info comes from a “source high up at one of the major UK networks”. Backlash from loyal Note fans is supposed to be the reason for this. Last year the US market had a few months of headstart before UK and Europe when the Note 5 debuted.

Sources also talk about a release of the Galaxy Note 6 in August, while the Galaxy S7 Edge+ remains in the shadows. We expect a jump to 4K display, an even better stylus, better battery and obviously no stylus slot bugs or risks this time. More productivity software couldn’t hurt.

via GSMArena