Exactly one week ago Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 7 handset and now we’re already getting info about its orders, preorders and potential sales. Things are looking great for the South Koreans, expected to ship 500k units of the Note 7 in Taiwan and double the S7 sales in Korea.



As far as the Taiwan market goes, local consumers preordered 20,000 units of the Note 7 in 24 hours after it was made available. It’s expected that it’ll reach 500k units overall, which is impressive seeing how Samsung managed to ship 2.3 million Galaxy Note family products in Taiwan. Overall, expectations are that the Note 7 will get 20% higher sales than the predecessor, the Note 5.

Samsung’s aggressive marketing is one of the reasons why the phablet is getting traction so fast. in South Korea it already has over 200,000 preorders in just two days, which is double compared to the Galaxy S7. On this market, the Gear Fit 2 smartwatch is offered as a gift for Note 7 buyers. Expect impressive sales figures before the year is out.

via Digitimes and Korea Herald

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