The past weeks have brought us a few new rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, plus a few concepts, like the one below made by Benjamin Geskin. Today’s freshest leak has to do with the Galaxy Note 8 dual camera, that has been confirmed once again by South Korean sources.

The device is expected to debut at IFA 2017, in September and it should have two cameras at the back. Industry sources are claiming that Samsung is analyzing the benefits of dual cameras for their new device. They’re looking at Bokeh effect, improved autofocus and refocusing. If you ask me, I think that Samsung of all companies shouldn’t get on the hype train.

They already have a Selective Focus that works perfectly with delivering more or less the same features as a dual camera. What they could improve is the quantity of details captured and maybe implement that 2X optical zoom. What they’ll probably lose is the OIS quality and I find it hard to believe that their focus speed can be perfected, since it was already godly on the Galaxy S7 and S8.