Samsung Galaxy Note was part of the Super Bowl ad craziness from last night, also resurrecting a band that I haven’t heard of in a while: The Darkness. The British guys appear in this ad, or better said the lead singer does, showing off his skills and playing the song “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”. This is accompanied by the usual Apple mockery, with some people standing in line for a “mystery product”, while cool guys with Galaxy Note units pass by.


You can watch the ad below and know that this 90 second piece of work cost Samsung $10 million. Well, I guess they’ll spend anything to get rid of the stigma of being Apple copycats, as they’ve been branded through the many lawsuits from last year. Frankly, this ad puts too little emphasis on the functions of the 5.3 inch dual core Exynos smartphone/tablet and too much on how much fun people can have (with or without this device). At least they show what the stylus can do…

And once again, a pretty good Samsung product reaches the USA too late, if you ask me. It’s already been available in Europe from last fall and only now it enters Apple-land. Will it sell well? Considering, it already moved some millions of units worldwide, I guess it will. What’s not to like about it? It has a good 8 megapixel camera, solid CPU, enough RAM, enough storage, great stylus, Android 2.3 works fine, ICS is coming… what more could you want?

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