Samsung recently said that it won’t be offering Ice Cream Sandwich updates for the Samsung Galaxy S handset and Galaxy Tab slate. The reason for this is that supposedly, these devices don’t have what it takes to run the software and take full advantage of all its features, because of ROM, RAM limitations and also problems with carriers and retailers. However, we recently spotted a Galaxy S unit with Android 4.0 on board, so it’s very much possible…


I have to remind you that this phone was launched with Android 2.1 Eclair, got Froyo soon after and finally reached Gingerbread through a delayed update. Samsung Galaxy S got Ice Cream Sandwich courtesy of the usual developer community that loves Android and even provided a stable a decent experience with the latest Android on this device. They moved very fast and my guess is that they tweaked the ROM for the Nexus S, since the specs of this model and the Galaxy S are not that different.

Of course, there’s some stuff to modify if you want your Galaxy S unit running Ice Cream Sandwich perfectly. A long tutorial can be found in the source link, but be wary that you’ll lose your warranty if play with the software this way. As usual there ar bugs here and the experience is not as smooth as on the Galaxy Nexus, but for the daily user it’s pretty OK. The process of updating using unofficial methods takes up half an hour.

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