We’ve been waiting for this piece of news for a while now: Samsung Galaxy S II will finally make it to the States. The launch will take place next month, according to a Samsung exec quoted by Unwired View. The exec is Shin Jong-kyun, president of mobile business with the Asian company.

“Sometime in August” is the launch time frame, but that’s still good news, unless delays will happen. Last we heard, the Galaxy S II was coming under many different names, just like its predecessor. Some of brandings include Samsung Function on Verizon, Samsung Attain on AT&T and Samsung Within on Sprint.

With the iPhone 5 supposedly coming in September, the Samsung Galaxy S II will have a month or a few weeks to rock the local market and get a head start in sales. Having reached 3 million sold units in less than 2 months, the new Galaxy S is bound to leave a mark on the US market, if it’s priced right.