The famous Eldar Murtazin stirred up the web today, when he posted some quick hints about Nokia’s big announcement coming on July 21st. It seems that after two days of leaks of the Nokia Sea Ray model, the Finns are ready to officially debut the W8 WP7 handset.


Daniel Galbinisteanu also confirmed this debut, quoting sources from Brazil and saying that Nokia W8 will come with a predictable camera and 1GHz Qualcomm processor. Thus, one can only expect a Nokia N8 with Windows Phone 7 on board and it’s interesting that Daniel said the W8 won’t be a high end model, so this means that more goodies are in the making.

Back to Eldar, he claims that Nokia has reached a certain final point, possibly meaning that they’ll be acquired by Microsoft. This is all speculation folks, so don’t take it for granted. However, what’s certain (from Eldar’s words) is that Nokia will abandon dumbphones in favor of smartphones. This surely sounds like Microsoft’s doing…

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