Although the Samsung Galaxy S III won’t be part of MWC 2012, I imagine it’s not that far from its launch moment. Till then we have an important milestone for Samsung, that reached sales of 20 million units for the Galaxy S II. The 10 million mark was crossed last September and it took a mere 5 months for this new threshold to be reached… impressive, right?


Samsung is saying that it took a mere 10 months to reach the 20 mil mark and thus surpass the previous hit, Galaxy S. That one is “stuck” at around 22 million, or so I’ve heard. The appeal was huge when the Galaxy S II first came out, with that dual core Exynos CPU and that 8 megapixel camera that can still hold its own against many modern smartphones’ cameras out there. And the numbers could greatly increase, as the US debut of the device was quite late, compared to the European one, so the market can still be exploited further in the USA.

Also, various upgraded versions of the Galaxy S II have either appeared or been speculated, like the one with LTE and HD screen, or the rumored Galaxy S II Plus, that appeared at some point. Did you get one and if so, are you also getting the S III?

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