The iPhone 4S may outperform Galaxy S II in all benchmarks out there, but does it face a drop from up high? That’s what a recent set of test tried to find out… The new iPhone and the Galaxy S II were dropped from the waist, then from the head and then on the screen to see which is tougher.


Of course, the iPhone 4S failed and cracked all over the place, with the screen cracking up really bad and its glass surface not taking the shock well. Meanwhile, even when dropped face first the Galaxy S II stays the same, with minor bruises but no cracks. I guess that the light plastic and wide surface pays off, right?

One might say that if you really love your iPhone, you should buy a tough case for it plus Apple never said it makes tough phones, right? And some Apple fanboy out there might say that making the Galaxy S II resilient is the least Samsung could do after copying the iPhone design… but that’s just mean…

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