Korea Economic Daily has a piece reporting on the huge success that the Galaxy S III is, ahead of its debut in stores. Apparently, the device has already received 9 million pre-orders from 100 carriers all over the world. The info comes from a Samsung official who remained anonymous.


The figure is very impressive, especially if you consider that the Galaxy S II took 10 months to ship 20 million units, while the new Galaxy S took a mere 2 weeks to reach almost half of that number. Also, the preorders are better than shipments, since they’re almost as good as sales. It looks like Samsung has hit gold once again with this model and Apple really has something to fear this time, or better said HTC and LG do, since Apple’s preorders for the iPhone 4S were much bigger and I’m sure the iPhone 5 will break records.

What’s interesting to mention is that those 9 million don’t even include the United States, so expect even more impressive numbers to add up when the model debuts over there. If the Galaxy Note 2 comes in the next months and a quad core tablet, too, Samsung may just have its best year yet.

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