Samsung has just started offering Galaxy S III owners the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update, for the international version of the handset. This flagship device is seen by many as the “phone of the year 2012”, so that’s why its updates have been on time lately. Samsung gave the Galaxy S III top priority in Software Updates, so that’s why it’s updating fast.


The rollout takes place in phases, so if you didn’t get the update today, you have to wait till your network provider offers it or general country availability is triggered. Samsung added some interesting features in this update, most of them borrowed from the Galaxy Note II. This software version is Android 4.1.2 JZO54K and it finally brings the much desired Multi View multitasking method from the Note II, that divides the screen in half and allows you to perform two tasks at a time.

There’s also Page Buddy included, a new Gallery app, the one from Note II, a notification panel that can be customized now and the ability to remove the brightness slider in the notification panel. Smart Rotation (adjusting to your angle of sights) is also here, as well as continuous input in Samsung keyboard, something like Swype or Android 4.2’s keyboard. Finally we also get 2 new apps: Paper Artist and Group Cast. The update is performed via Samsung Kies or OTA.

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