And here’s another round of the usual Samsung Galaxy S III rumors… this time related to its home button and launch date. It appears that the device will actually feature a physical Home button, that has been put up for deliberation till the last second before production.


The folks of Digital Daily in Korea said that Samsung will also adopt a 5 column UI layout, much like the one on the Galaxy Note. This is unlike the Galaxy Nexus, that only has 4 columns. The Home button issue was debated a lot inside Samsung, as some officials and designers wanted a buttonless handset like the Galaxy Nexus, while others wanted a big old Home button, like the one on the Galaxy Note. In the end it was a draw, but as the phone neared production, the Home button side came through.

Also, it appears the Galaxy S III has been already sent for testing to all major carriers, but it’s disguised into a different device, basically a rectangular box that holds the new Galaxy S software and hardware inside. That’s done in order not to reveal the design of the new flagship phone. Apple has been doing that for a while, in case you’re wondering. And once again, rumors say we might see the phone launched in Q3… Will we?

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