Nigeria, the same country that celebrated the billionth phone that Nokia sold (a 1100 unit) was today the host of a new product from the European handset maker: Nokia 103. This is the cheapest phone to ever come from Finland and its specs are not bad at all, for a low end device, I mean…


Nokia 103 is dust resistant, it uses an anti scratch cover and comes with a 1.36 inch black and white display. There’s also a flashlight feature on board, an FM radio, that needs a headset and an 800 mAh battery. The latter will provide 27 days of standby time and 11 hours of talk time. The product measures 15.3mm in thickness and weighs 77 grams. Nokia 103 is priced at 16 euros before taxes, so it’s a great achievement for the phone maker. Nokia’s new product will be launched in Q2 2012 and it’s aimed obviously at developing countries.

Right now we can’t even guarantee it will leave Nigeria, but I can guarantee it will, else it would be a pity for Nokia to limit itself. Other features of this phone include: 32 polyphonic ring tones, up to 500 contact entries, schedule management and calendar. There’s also a time tracker and pre paid tracker (network based function) and some preloaded games. Tempted by this handset?

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