After MWC 2013, it’s time for another European tech show, this time in Germany: CeBIT 2013. It obviously includes some leaks, like the one of a case for the Galaxy S IV. The accessory was spotted below and just so you know, the handset will be announced on March 14th.



At CeBIT 2013 a Chinese accessory maker, famous for its work with Apple already came up with a protection case for the yet unreleased model. The folks of TZX China are this company and I wonder where they got their measurements from. Such leaks are pretty often and we’ve even seen iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 cases, so nothing puzzles us.

We felt bad for the companies preparing 4.5 inch iPhone cases before the iPhone 5 came out, but that’s life and some like to risk more. If we judge from this cover, the new handset will be back to the lines of the Galaxy S II, with a more squared look, that will certainly be more appreciated than the curves of the S III.

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