The folks of GSMArena recently performed a comparison test between the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the LG Optimus 2X. Both are dual core Android smarpthones and in the video below we’ll find out which handles web browsing better. Some commenters on this video are claiming that their Galaxy S with Android 2.2.1 is able to defeat the LG Optimus 2X…


As shown right here, the Galaxy S2 performs better, especially when it comes to page loading speed and it also wins in smooth transitions. However, the LG device’s screen seems a bit more bright and the fact that the Optimus 2X didn’t win the duel doesn’t make it less of a phone. This is the very first dual core handset after all…

As far as the Galaxy S2 is concerned, this model should hit the market this month in some countries and it’ll be available with an overclocked dual core CPU, reaching 1.2 GHz (Exynos aka Orion). I guess that some milliseconds of difference don’t quite make you decide what handset to buy, so let’s leave that to the price.

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