We’ve been playing with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for a bit and noticed that its screen is bright, but exactly how bright we couldn’t tell exactly. Well, the colleagues of Mobilissimo.ro could and they put the device to the test using a luxmeter. What followed was a record breaking result.



They measured 933 LUX units, with the screen exposed to full sunlight. I should mention that unlike the Galaxy Note 4 this model doesn’t bring an Auto +5 mode, that adds an extra level of brightness on top of the already increased brightness. This time all we get is a manual slider and the Auto mode. However, even with the Auto mode, there’s a sort of hidden auto, that makes the screen brighter in full sunlight, which was also the case here.

And one more thing: this is May and this is the Spring sun, so imagine what value the display will be able to reach in July or August. I feel that almost 1000 LUX is a bit overkill for a phone, but as long as we can see the device perfectly it’s well worth the sacrifice. And it’s not even killing the battery, since the Galaxy S6 Edge gets easily past 10 hours of video playback and much more.

Be sure to check out this comparison table of brightness to get an idea of what we’re dealing with here:

tabel-luminozitate-ecran (1)

via Mobilissimo.ro

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