Not very long ago YouTube Marques Brownlee published a video in which he detailed the design of the upcoming Galaxy S6 Edge Plus from Samsung. That’s supposed to be a supersized version of the Galaxy S6 Edge and today we come across a new render of the device.


Aside from the image we also get some measurements for the newcomer, that’s supposed to measure 154.45 mm in length and 75.80 mm in width, as well as 6.85 mm in waistline. Meanwhile, the regular Galaxy S6 Edge measures 142.1 mm in length, 70.1 mm in width and 7 mm in thickness. Another change here is the moved microphone hole at the bottom, now close to the audio jack instead of the speaker holes.

The specs of this model aren’t clear yet and aside from the 5.7 inch rumored diagonal we know nothing. This model may also come with an USB Type C port and maybe a slight bump in RAM, if you allow me to speculate. We can’t tell for sure if this model will exist, especially since it lacks a clear selling point.