Although this week has been all about MWC 2017, a couple of Galaxy S8 leaks appeared to distract us from the daily launches. Today’s big leak involves the same flagship, but this time in a few very clear looking hands on shots. They’re shown below.

Nothing out of the ordinary is revealed, unless you look closely. Confirmed for debut on March 29th in New York and London, the flagship clearly has curved screen edges and ultra narrow bezels. This is also possibly the first set of pictures that seems to show a screen panel with slightly curved corners, like we’ve seen on the LG G6 lately for example.

The same Edge bar appears on the side, ready to reveal shortcuts to apps, contacts and other such features. Keep in mind this is the 5.8 inch Galaxy S8, not the 6.2 inch model dubbed Galaxy S8 Plus. The sides of the phone also seem to be glossier than we’ve seen before. We also notice the speaker at the bottom and Samsung keeps the audio jack in place.

For those who want a set of dual speakers, they either have to be happy with the bottom one, or hope for stereophony via the earpiece. Also, a piece of advice for leaksters: cut your fingernails for God’s sake!

via BGR