Not one day has passed this year without the Samsung Galaxy S8 leaking out and while some of the new details haven’t been impressive, the surfacing of hands on shots is amazing, since we’re at least a month and a half away from the product’s debut. Today we have one more live picture from the same source as before.

This time the Galaxy S8 is powered off, as shown above and below you also have the device powered on, from the previous leak. The photo matches the previous renders, showing how narrow the screen bezel is, including the one at the bottom, where the physical Home button is gone, most likely replaced by a virtual one. The screen’s edges are gently curved and we’re not sure we’re dealing with an Edge situation here or not.

Pictured in a golden hue, the phone should also come with an iris scanner at the top, although we can only see two sensors and a selfie camera here. The latest theory is that Samsung will skip MWC and will announce the Galaxy S8 on April 18th, in a separate event. Rumors are talking about the Snapdragon 835 not being ready, among the causes of the delay. In the meantime, we take this pic as always with a grain of salt and certainly wish we’d see the back of the phone, too.

via androidpure