Over the past days we’ve seen a supposed video of the Galaxy S III in a hands on experience, a bunch of photos taken with the device and of the device and some benchmarks for the new flagship. The pics and first impressions were seriously underwhelming and now out of nowhere comes a prototype with a changed design…


This dummy unit is identified as the GT-I9300 Galaxy S III and strangely enough it has a physical Home Button. The leak comes from Chinese forum mobile01, that shows the image with greater clarity and this is clearly a device with an unfinished case. What’s really strange is that the phone also has a virtual home button and actually 4 virtual buttons at the lower part of the screen. What happened to Google’s recommendation to use only 3 such buttons, one being the Home, the other Back and the third the Multitasking button?

This probably means that we’ll see other customizations, such as a new TouchWiz UI, but I still can’t figure out if we’ll have a physical Home button or not. I guess we don’t need it, unless you’re the traditional type who wants to keep the format of the previous Galaxy S models intact. Last I heard, people at Samsung were divided into two groups those who wanted the button and those who didn’t and the former won the battle and implemented the design feature at the last moment.

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