Samsung’s got a new Android phone leaked, the GT-S7500 model, that’s pictured below and coming sometime in the future. This handset has no details attached to it, aside from the low resolution picture below. What we can see is that this is an Android handset with a lower side that looks like the Galaxy S II.


It’s unknown what flavor of Android this device runs, but from what we can see here, the standard Android app icons are pictured. The smaller screen size leads me to believe that this is yet another Galaxy series sibling, some sort of dumbed down Galaxy S or Galaxy S II. I wonder what this model offers as extra, aside from the probably affordable price tag.

There are rugged phones out there, phones with HD screens, with 3D cameras, LTE connectivity… what could this handset possibly have that other units don’t? Take a guess in the Comments section below, if you dare…

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