LG and Samsung are working on a new generation of displays for tablets and smartphones, based on the Quantum Dot technology. According to the Korean media, big names like LG and Samsung are looking into Quantum Dot technology, planning to mass produce such panels this year.



This idea has been in the works for a while now, but LG didn’t apply it, because the costs were too high. Right now there’s only one big device with this type of screen on board, the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX. The advantage of a Quantum Dot panel is that it provides a wider color range, higher brightness levels and lower power usage. Also, there’s improved lifetime for it, yet another appealing aspect.

There’s also a slight drawback, like the fact that without proper calibration, the panels may deliver a less saturated blue compare to other types of screens. The folks of Display Mate have dubbed this as a revolutionary technology and super high tech advancement for LCD displays. Quantum Dot screens provide highly saturated colors for LCDs, pretty much like OLEDs. The Color Gamut gets a 40 to 50% boost this way, while power efficiency increases by 15 to 20%.

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