Tomorrow is the big day of the Olympics 2012 London debut and since Samsung is one of the main sponsors of the event, the Galaxy S III will be everywhere. Now there’s also a special accessory dedicated to event and meant for this 4.8 inch phone. I’m talking about a Special Edition Olympics Flip Cover for the handset, that’s shown below.


The cover can be bought in the Samsung PIN stores in London and there are two of these stores at the Olympics location. Also, know that there’s an Olympics Limited Edition Galaxy S III model, that was unveiled in Taiwan a while ago. As you can see, the cover shows you touristic aspects of London, the Olympic circles and… that’s about it. There’s a certain childish and doodle-style approach to the cartoon at the back of the flip cover, but some people really dig that.

Expect more such items to appear over the following days, including cases, phones, tablets, cradles, speakers, other covers and much more. I’m afraid to even imagine how much Samsung invested into the Olympics, but at least it’s a world famous sporting event, so there’s nothing bad about that. I wonder how pleased the athletes will be with receiving a Galaxy S III…

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