Samsung Omnia 2 relies on the TouchWiz 2.0 interface, a very neat TouchFLO 3D alternative, that makes HTC and Samsung compete in yet another segment. Here’s what Omnia 2’s interface is all about, in various menus and modes of use:


From the get-go, we learn that the new Omnia device comes with an alarm that’s triggered even if the handset has been shut down. TouchWiz 2.0 is a pretty fluid UI, but it looks a bit old, specially if we have a glance at its icons. You’ll get the chance to use a QWERTY, semi QWERTY and numeric virtual keypad, depending on the menu you’re in.

Next, the video demo takes us through the Calendar menu, then through a bunch of widgets that can be customized and moved around. Next comes the Inbox menu, storing both SMS messages and e-mails, that you can view by simply sweeping the screen to alternate between the two kinds of messaging options. Omnia 2’s accelerometer allows the user to rotate the screen, although this move will prove to be a bit laggy.

Last, we see the calculator, camera and media interface in action, the latter being some sort of iPhone-like Coverflow, while the camera menu performed unexpectedly well.

[via wmpoweruser]

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