Days after finding out that the ROM of the famous HTC HD2 smartphone was ported on a Samsung Omnia 2 handset, we have the video proof for it. Here’s the software in action, in the Beta1 version:


The port job was done by developer Rodrigo and you should know that Omnia II is now able to use the Sense UI and Manila 2.5. The Home screen on the device is the same as the one on HTC HD2, widgets included, plus shortcuts and even the look of the cool Weather app was kept. The virtual keyboard is also present, with the same design and the Twitter tab also works well.

If the device seems laggy to you, we remind you that the ROM is still in beta version. The camera option on the handset was also borrowed from HTC HD2, hopefully without the famous issues that we’ve seen recently. In the same video above, you can see the multimedia player being tested and for some HTC Sense action, there’s always the vid below.

Get the ROM from right here.


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