Pocketnow have just published their review of the HP iPAQ Glisten smartphone, noting its main qualities and advantages. It seems that this is a great productivity device, easy to use with one hand, packing many programmable buttons, it feel secure in the hands of the user and provides great battery life.



The soft touch paint is to “blame” for the secure feeling in hand and the review also claims that the ROM and RAM on board are just enough for all the tasks you can dream about. Pocketnow mentions that HP has customized the device very little, comparing to other handset makers and they even managed to omit simple features, like activating Cleartype.

Too bad that the QVGA screen doesn’t look much and that the task manager is not easy to access. Also, the camera doesn’t capture the best pics, specially as far as the noise factor is concerned. All in all, this is a pure productivity gadget, not at all meant to impress through its design, since it focuses on a very usable keyboard and great battery life.

If you want more than communication, you can always get the AT&T Tilt 2. Full review is available here.

[via wmpoweruser]

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