Although we knew almost all there is to know about the Samsung Omnia devices, the handset maker went out and made a couple of announcements, regarding its newest smartphone. Thus, we learn that the Omnia Pro B7330 model is now official and that Windows Mobile 6.5 should be reaching the Omnia series.



Also, Samsung has just announced 5 Windows Mobile smartphones we already know, but they’re rebranded and up for a relaunch campaign. Back to the Omnia Pro B7330, this handset is the follow-up to the B7320 model, with a square display (320 x 320 pixels display), replacing the original QVGA screen.

HSUPA is also on board and if you’re wondering about the other Omnias, they’re the i8000, B7320, B7610 and B7300, that will come with Windows Mobile 6.5. Also, upgrades to the OS will be provided for Omnia II, B7610 and B7320 models, that currently run the 6.1 version. Expect Omnia B7330 to hit the market in October, together with the Omnia Lite B7300 model.

[via Samsung]

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