Who better than Samsung to tease us with a new gadget that’s both mysterious and interesting. After the teasers of the Unpacked events, now Sammy teasers a device called “The Overachiever”, but without offering too many clues. It appears we’re dealing with at tiny product here, maybe a LTE modem?


It could be that this wireless USB modem is meant for 4G HSPA+ or LTE connectivity while using a mobile PC. The page of the product just says “Meet the Overachiever”, but given Samsung’s latest strange formats of device (7.7 inch tablet, 5.3 inch Note), an elongated smartphone or player with compact design wouldn’t surprise me.

If you click on the button available on the product’s page, you’ll reach a sign up page where you can register for extra info on this device. No carrier seems to be attached to the offer, since AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile are all listed, without getting a special treatment, as well as Metro PCS, US Cellular and Cellular South.

How would a Samsung modem work with AT&T’s upcoming LTE network?

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