The US Department of Defense has approved a bunch of Samsung Android phones for use by its employees at Pentagon. The info comes from Samsung itself and the devices on the list are popular models, like the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and Galaxy Note 10.



All of them come with the security solution KNOX and now the product list has been approved by the US authorities. The handsets run on KitKat with the KNOX workspace security platform on board, with system level encryption for enterprise apps. Such an approval means that Pentagon employees and officials may use the devices on unclassified networks and other federal agencies also have the same level of access.

Samsung claims that the devices have passed over 100 requirements, including better encryption and intrusion detection, in order to the get US military certification. While KNOX has been proved to be breakable, the authorities seem to trust it. Last month the UK agencies gave a similar permission to the same Samsung devices and we’ve also seen them in cockpits.

Via Korea Herald

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