It’s quarterly revenue posting time again for most major companies and Samsung joins the game with some pretty decent Q2 figures. The company’s financial report shows that the company had a great quarter and things will get even better in the second half of 2010.


In Q2 2010, Samsung sold 63.8 million handsets, 22% more than in Q2 2009 and a bit under 1% less than in Q1 this year. Total earnings in Q2 reached $6.81 billion, a 5% decrease year on year, while the operating profit reached $533 million, a 3.6% decrease year on year.

This means that the growth is slowing down a little bit, mostly because of the lowered average phone price and the economic downturn in Europe. The estimates are, however, very good for Samsung, as the company expects to sell 10% more feature phones in H2 2010 and 20% more smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S and S8500 Wave will push sales and hopefully get the handset maker’s predictions right.

[via GSM Arena]

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