While LG was trademarking phones up to the LG G9 last year, Samsung is also doing the same thing now with the Galaxy A series. Right now, we’ve got the Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 on the market and there are 3 models to consider now.



Samsung has certified the Galaxy A6, Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A9 this week. We’re expecting them to keep the all aluminum approach, with unibody designs and midrange to high end specs. It’s very possible that in the future we’ll see such handsets borrowing from the Galaxy S6, maybe its glass back. Samsung may have tradermarked this brands for the sake of caution and may not intend to launch these models anytime soon.

Seeing how the Galaxy A7 was relatively recently launched, there’s no need for a new Galaxy A model just now. However, come September, we may see one or two new models at IFA 2015. 12 or 13 MP cameras and 2 GB of RAM should be on board, together with Lollipop and Super AMOLED screens.

via galaxyclub.nl

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