Well, if you’re going to do a clone, at least do it right… What we have right here is a perfect example of why small companies shouldn’t copy giants such as Nokia. And that’s simply because the result will be crappy. This is the case of the “Nokla” N9 white unit below.


I have to admit that the back of the cloned handset is decent, but those speakers are totally out of place. Also, out of place is the separating area that unites the two pieces of the case, on the side of the device. That’s just a brute finishing… Also, what’s the need for those awful keys on the device? I know it has Android, but still, they could find something better.

And considering the “pimp nail” that this guy is using to handle the handset, I’m guessing we’re dealing with a N9 clone that sports a resistive touchscreen display. Sadly, such clones are sold in millions of units daily all over the world. That’s because people like to show off a copy of a great product and claim it’s the real thing. Soooo lame!

Video of the clone here:

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