Well, at least the plugin wants to take over the iPhone’s web browsing area. These are ambitious plans for Microsoft, the developer of Silverlight, as it has to face Apple in the struggle to get its software above.

Google’s Android mobile operating system is open source, which might make it easier for Microsoft to match up Silverlight with Android. Since Google’s mobile apps store is open to all, it turns out to be easier for companies to bring on the same level their software with the Android platform.

Until now, Microsoft’s Silverlight has been available for experiencing only on the Web. It turned out to be pretty popular for companies such as NBC, which used it to stream video from this summer’s Olympic Games.

Silverlight is Adobe Flash’s main competitor in the plugin area. This means hard times ahead for Adobe, as the battle became much stronger now that Silverlight has just been released this week.

[via: mobilewhack]

  • t the dev

    “This means hard times ahead for Adobe”, I think not! The Flash Player 9 is on 98% of all computers. One out of 4 people have access to a computer with Silverlight 1. This does not mean 1 out of 4 computers, this means a computer you should have access to has the Silverlight plugin installed. Like the one on you co workers desk or at the library.

    Microsoft pays the company to use the technology, the company does not pay them. Have you met any one who uses Blend for actual web design, I sure haven't. I only have a copy of expressions since MS offered the company I work for a million to use Silverlight for displaying our videos but the numbers didn't match up. It would of cost us over 60 percent our active users due to forcing them to change from a technology which worked already and they already knew how to operate. People do not like plugins, why bring another when it took so long to get people to believe in the one.