Previous reports regarding the sales figures of the T-Mobile G1 were greatly exaggerated, one might say, partially quoting Mark Twain and Steve Jobs. 1.5 million pre-orders was a fishy number from the get-go, specially if you remember that the mighty iPhone, just launched in 20 countries sold about 1 million units in its first weekend.


We’re also got the source of this miscalculation, a mathematician at The Motley Fool, who had heard that T-Mobile tripled the initial pre-order of 500.000 and did the Math (in the wrong way). The real sales are most likely around 200.000, or 300.000 tops, still a decent performance for T-Mobile and Google.

The numbers seem even more impressive, considering that the handset is only available in ore region and the shipped units number will surely increase, once T-Mobile G1 hits the global market.

[via Pocket Picks]

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