All of you iPhone 3GS owners should rejoice, since your handset hasn’t been left behind in the dust. Instead, there’s a port of Siri out there that’s dying to get to your device. The work belongs to legendary iPhone hacker chpwn, who worked with stroughtonsmith and ported the famous virtual assistant to the 2009 iPhone.

Siri is seen as an exclusive feature of the iPhone 4S and recently we’ve seen it ported to the iPhone 4 and now the iPhone 3GS… However, claims that it drains the battery life from these handsets have cripple any possibility of official upgrades. iOs 5 is also seen as a battery drainer for older iPhones and even for the new one, but the latest software update should fix that.

In case you think this is fake, there’s always the video below, showing a 3GS unit with Siri on board. I have to remind you that Apple marketed the iPhone 4S as the only device capable of providing Siri input and assistance. Now with two devices also able to do that, the reasons to buy a new iPhone grow more feeble. Kudos to the hackers who created this and also kudos for getting Siri to connect to Apple’s servers.

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