Nokia N9 owners should rejoice today, since they’ve just received OTA their first major upgrade to PR1.1. Although MeeGo is supposed to be a dying OS, it’s living its last days with glory, since it runs on a pretty praised handset, that even has an upgrade as of today.


Don’t expect anything big here, rather the finishing touches needed by the platform. PR1.1 (version 20.2011.40-4) brings a couple of useful features, such as NFC tag reading, improved music controls (available on the lock screen now) and a Swype keyboard. Color filters were also added to the photo and video shooting (black and white, sepia, vivid, negative, solarize), plus the multitasking has been improved when it comes to memory handling.

Other improvements include syncing active folders, noise cancellation for better talks, easy app closing with swipe down movements and new indicators for standby screen (charging, calendar and more). The rollout of the update varies according to region and carrier, so be patient and keep checking the Menu/Settings/Applications/Manage applications till the update comes.

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