Skyfire 2.0 has just been made available in the Android version and it’s up for download over here. What does the new browser bring? For starters, support for Flash videos, opening Facebook and Twitter links with ease, SkyBarTM, a new toolbar that allows users to enjoy millions of videos and share them with their friends.


SkyBar ensures a smoother and faster video playback, plus extra battery life, by relying on cloud servers instead of your device, for video processing. Skyfire 2.0 is based on a webkit core, so it keeps the functionality of the Android browser, stuff like smooth scrolling, pinch to zoom, copy/paste, text finding and support for up to 8 browser tabs.

Thanks to this new browser, Flash videos are translated into a format easier to play on your handset: HTML5. The same goes for Silverlight, Quicktime and Windows Media videos. Toolbars, add-ons and extensions have also found their way into this software, as well as support for streaming. Skyfire boost an incredible 70% video compression, adapted for the best streaming and network conditions.

A video of the browser can be seen below and we have to mention that the Skyfire is currently streaming over 25 million minutes of Flash and Silverlight (plus other videos) every month.

[via skyfire]

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