Believe it or not, Nokia is also able to leak important stuff, like the Public Release 1.2 version of Nokia N900’s Maemo OS. A Chinese site was the first to post it and we expect the platform to spread all over the web soon enough. In case you’re wondering, this is the real thing and devices are already booting the software now.


The changelog for the new Maemo includes smoother scrolling, a Flash version update, support for FM transmitter, the usual stability and speed updates, plus a new application manager. Maemo PR 1.2 makes long key presses give you numbers, cancels the stuttering when recording video, leaves the Skype video chat disabled (as it was) and makes the USSD codes work without extra apps.

Download link for the new Maemo is present here, or here and we’re looking for your feedback, if you tested the software.


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