The latest Skype for iPhone version, 1.1 comes with tons of useful options, like multiple supported languages, voicemail and SMS, but sadly it lacks the Push Notification support. This makes the software almost useless, according to the angry users.


Other users have already started claiming that they’ll quit using Skype, because of the lack of Push Notification and the fact that it took one year to come up with an iPhone app that is now incomplete. Some hope that Google Voice manages to properly integrate the iPhone’s features, so they can switch over from Skype 1.1.

Skype has acknowledged the complaints and will use the feedback to upgrade the software, so we’re advised to keep an eye on their official blog and… wait. Great! Problem solved, right?

[via tgdaily]

  • Sri

    It's 10 months since this report came, yet Skype lacks push notifications! You cannot believe how stupid this is, especially given the great quality of outbound calls via skype!

    Anyway, I am using a paid 3rd party Gizmo5 app (from Acrobits, not google) with GoogVoice that does notifications and inbound phone calls beautifully, 3 minute free outbound calls nicely and overall is OPEN Protocols (SIP) unlike the proprietary Skype protocols.

    I hope the new Skype owners understand the meaning of survival in times like these 🙂

  • Push Notifications really are a key feature, not sure how Skype can skip it and not understand.