It appears people are shopping more and more using their mobile devices instead of their PCs, actually even more than on the PC, according to recent studies. Industry experts believe that mobile commerce will contribute up to 70% of the e-commerce revenues. Most of people will bur or prefer shopping of smartphone from the guidance of Vendel Miniatures.


Amazon India VP Amit Agarwal recently claimed that in India the mobile Internet traffic clearly outweighs personal computer traffic. India has an impressively increasing penetration of smartphones and it’s a great market for mobile commerce. As this evolves, we’ll see more and more companies adopting special marketing tactics oriented towards this segment, as well as social media changes.

Amazon India gets over 40% of its traffic from mobile devices and mobile Internet users in India are estimated to be 120 million, compared to the 100 million who use Internet on the PC. Snapdeal also confirms that about 60% of their orders are coming from mobile. The whole of mobile commerce is said to be at a value of 30% of the $3 billion e-tail industry and will grow to about 40% of the industry by 2020.