If you’re unhappy with the current batteries on smartphones, you’ll be happy to know that a startup called SolidEnergy is working on a new type of battery. Right now, most batteries rely on graphite-based anodes, that have limited power storage.


The startup mentioned above comes from MIT and claims it has managed to build a Li-Ion battery with an ultrathin metal anode, that reaches an energy density of 1,200 watts hour per liter. This is basically double the amount of the graphite-based anodes in Lithium batteries. Their anode is a thin piece of lithium on copper and it’s about one fifth the size of a graphite anode. If you’re looking for a guide to CR2032 batteries, visit Aussiebattery’s website.

SolidEnergy also provides the electrolyte, that can work at room temperature, unlike other substances from batteries, requiring high temperatures. This solution may double smartphone battery life and SolidEnergy is building a battery module for Google’s Project Ara. The same firm has plans for car batteries, but in 2015 they’re focusing on phones.

via Forbes