The SONICable is a very interesting project in Indiegogo, that got more funding than it sought and will become reality soon. This is a charging cable that’s able to charge any device twist as fast as regular accessories. It had a goal of $10,000 and reached $340,980 in the end.


The campaign started in January and the device charges any device in half the time of a regular USB cable. There’s a switch in the mix and when it’s off, the cable acts like a regular USB cable, charging and syncing. When the switch is on, all the power goes to charging, so syncing and data are disabled. The product involves a tangle free nylon wire, a dual sided USB and a SONIC switch, plus aluminum connectors.


Versions of the SONICable include a Lightning cable for the iPhone, a microUSB for Android and a dual sided USB on both versions. The cable’s length is 1.2 meters and warranty covers a lifetime. There’s also Apple MFI certification in the mix and contributors will have the option to choose color and connector before shipping starts. By the way, shipping is free in the USA.

So, are you getting one? It sure sounds good!

via Indiegogo