Remember the Sony Ericsson event scheduled for September 21? Turns out that the “gadget that will change music forever” is not a Walkman phone or a Walkman audio player, but rather the SE MH907 Motion Activated headphones, the autoplay accessory that will revolutionise music.



Sony Ericsson MH907 earbuds are cool and they come with the SensMe technology, sensing the intention of the user. For example, if you pull a headphone out, the music will pause and this system will also apply to phone calls. Pull the bud out and you’ll cut the other person on the line, a pretty neat idea and a more comfortable use of the accessory.

The MH907 will be available in yellow/white and titan chrome and the downside to this product is the lack of 3.5mm support, but let’s stop the whining and have a look at the following presentation video of the accessory:

[Press via Electric Pig]

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