We know that this battle can only have one winner, but the idea’s original enough to have us looking at the pictures, as we search for resemblances, defects and advantages. Esato board user Plankgatan took the following pics and the first photo below was taken with the aid of the SE C902.


Next is the photo taken using Nikon D80 and in case you’re interested in details, know that the C902’2 focal length is 5.2, while the Nikon’s is 50.0. Also, this is a battle between a CMOS (C902) sensor and the CCD one of the D80. What’s the cellphone got against the tough DSLR?


Nothing, actually and you should also know that both cams are set on full auto, while the Nikon D80 is set on 5.6 megapixels, instead of 10, giving the cameraphone a chance. Remember that in the following batch of 4 photos, the first one is always the one taken with the C902 and the second is the work of the D80.





[via Esato]