Can you guess what cameraphone has just hit the FCC? It’s the 16MP Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot S006, that incorporates a new and improved Exmor R camera sensor. This device will be available this Spring in Japan via local carrier KDDI, so we guess that Europe and the States will receive it till next summer.


Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot S006 packs a specs list that includes a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, a 3.3 inch touch display and the usual connectivity options – WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. The OS on this phone is not known yet, but the camera is the essential component of the handset, right now.

We know that the Exmor R sensor is back-illuminated so it’ll handle low lighting situations perfectly. ISO settings can reach as high as ISO 12800, while the sensor on the device is smaller than the one on the Nokia N8, in spite of the performance it’s able to produce. Last, we discovered that the new Cyber-shot is waterproof and it comes in interesting color versions like golden, pink and blue.

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