Sony is preparing new smartphones for CES 2014, that’s for sure and two of them may just be the D2004 and D2104 models, that have just leaked as codenames. These models have appeared at the FCC and are believed to be in the 2014 Sony lineup.



We don’t have an exact idea of the specs we should expect here, but we do know these models may end up on the market as the Sony Xperia E1 and the E1 dual models. They’re speculated to be upgraded versions of the Xperia L and that’s where the rumors end. One of them is a single SIM model and the dual one is obviously a two SIM unit.

There’s also a third model called the D5503, that’s totally mysterious, but also expected to debut at CES. Seeing how the Xperia L had a 4.3 inch 480 x 854 pixel display, I’m expecting maybe a diagonal bump, a resolution increase, probably more than its 8 GB of storage and 8 MP of camera res. There will also be a newer OS than Android 4.3 and probably a better CPU than its dual core Snapdragon.




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