Sony isn’t happy with just unveiling new phones, so they go ahead and leak some more models. One of them is the Sony Xperia S39h, shown below in a bunch of fresh pics. The device’s model number makes us think it will sit above the 4.3 inch Xperia L.


The white handset seems to pack a physical camera button, a rare feat on Android phones. It also uses several design elements that are specific to the 2013 lineup of Xperia phones, that include the typical power button. You should know that Sony has two naming patterns for its smartphones. The first is the CXXXX naming structure for models from 2013 and the models in China get the old structure: S/M/L (small/medium/large).

Since this is an S phone, the Xperia S39h is most likely headed to China. If you want my opinion it looks like an all plastic midrange handset that may not even have a dual core CPU. I wonder that that line below the Xperia logo at the back is. Is it a button?