The folks of Gizmodo scored big time, scoop-wise, getting hold of some images of Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO and Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO having a coffee. The two were chatting at Calafia in the Town and Country shopping center in Palo Alto. What’s more interesting is what we learn from their body language, as you’ll see after the break.

Gizmodo used the expertise of Janine Driver, body linguistics expert, who had a look at many photos showing Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt interacting. The expert analyzed the new shots and about 30 other images of the two and came to the conclusion that Jobs and Schmidt are only 33% trustful of each other.

Anxiety and mistrust can be sensed from their postures and gestures, but Jobs is a bit more relaxed, as shown by his feet and open arms. Schmidt looks like he’s explaining himself, while the fact that he’s rolling his shoulders forward shows that he’s scared of Apple’s CEO.

Is Google scared of Apple? That, we don’t know, but at least we know how their two bosses stand.

[via Gizmodo]